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Nourishing Color Care
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Color Care Leave in Protecto..
Spray color stabilizer Rebalances and stabilizes hair structures after a colouring service. It closes cuticle scales and locks deep within the hair structure the pigments prolonging color life and combat color fading. Use: After shampooing spray over damp hair and comb through. Do not rinse off. Nourishing...
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Color Care Serum 50ml & 100ml
Serum for colored and treated hair The anti oxidizing action of Garcinia Mangostana, films and protects leaving hair glossy. Enriches the brilliance of cosmetic colors. Use: Apply along lengths and tips before and after drying hair. Nourishing Color Care is the new beautifying system especially reserved...
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Color Maintain Balm Silver S..
Description ACTION Shampoo with Violet pigments that eliminate the unattractive yellowish shades from Blonde and Grey Hair caused by Photooxidation of the Hair. It preserves the original shade of natural and cosmetic blond & grey and makes it gorgeously bright and Glossy. The anti-yellow effects lasts...
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